. Volume 1 Issue 2 Spring 2008 .
SCNO Connection

Students Consulting for 
Non-Profit Organizations is a national organization of undergraduate students committed to developing communities through pro-bono consulting engagements with non-profit organizations.

Working with SCNO

"I didn't know what to expect from working with SCNO, and honestly I didn't expect our organization to gain much from the partnership.  I thought we were a "class project" for the benefit of the students.  I was completely surprised by the obvious effort that went into the project and am excited for the great ideas and recommendations that we’ll be implementing in the following year."

Mary Kay Hauck
Food Bank Council of Michigan

"Working with SCNO was a wonderful experience.  The products and suggestions they delivered will add continual value to the work of GLHC."

Lynne Martinez
Greater Lansing Housing Coalition

"The team members were a delight to work with. They brought new thinking and tools that will further the goal of ensuring that low-income people access available tax credits through high quality free tax assistance. We are grateful for their work!"

Ann Marston
Michigan League for Human Services

2007 - 2008

The success SCNO has achieved at MSU was only possible through the continued support of our alumni and friends. Thank you to the following individuals who donated during the 2007 – 2008 academic year:

  • Laura Dennison
  • Jordan Hauser
  • Noah Knauf
  • Ryan Sullivan
  • Mike Vichich
  • Alex Ward

Donate to SCNO using Paypal

If you would like to donate to SCNO, please give by PayPal or send a personal check to:

511 North Business College Complex
East Lansing, MI 48824

Fall 2007 Expenses

To provide the best experience to our members and the highest quality services to our clients, we continuously evaluate how we spend our funds.  Nearly half our expenditures are allocated to deliverable expenses, which include the printing of presentations and supplemental documents for the client. Expenses

Spring 2008
Executive Board

Joel Clum

Mark Miller
Vice President of Operations

Melissa Bartlett
Human Resources

Avish Bhama
Director of Finance

Nick Chilenko
Information Technology / Marketing

Brittany Sovran
Community Development

Jim Vermeulen
Corporate Relations

Mike Gallagher
Project Manager

Jason Peters
Project Manager

Nick Smott
Project Manager

Chris Wingert
Project Manager

Helen Dashney
Eli Broad College of Business
Corporate Academic Relations


Group Photo

Spring Semester 2008

Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations (SCNO) commenced the semester at the end of January with a session hosted in partnership with Ryan Vartoogian of Spartan Internet Consulting. The session marked the welcoming of 13 new members and the beginning of 10 engagements, with topics varying from effective internet use to long-term business strategies.

To enhance the quality of our engagements and to increase our members’ awareness of opportunities following graduation, we will be hosting presentations highlighting a variety of topics in project management and consulting. In February, Laura Dennison, former SCNO President, will be presenting to SCNO on behalf of Caterpillar. Mike Vichich, former SCNO Vice President of Operations, will be coming later in the month to discuss his position with Accenture in their Corporate Strategy group. In March, Cedric Richner will present to our members the dynamics and proper techniques he employs with his consulting company, Richner & Richner.

Message from the President...

Joel Clum, PresidentThis group has certainly changed since I joined during my sophomore year, and I am very impressed with all that we have collectively achieved.  Our continual improvement has only been possible through the successful recruitment of top talent from across the university and generous support from our alumni.  I’m certain that the group will remain one of the premier student organizations at Michigan State, and I sincerely hope that all current and future members will have as beneficial of an experience as I have in SCNO.

Non-Profit Engagements

Following 13 successful engagements in the Fall Semester, SCNO will be working with 10 non-profit organizations from across Michigan and Maryland.   There was a strong request to work with SCNO from area non-profits for the semester, and we ultimately decided that the listed groups offered the most mutually beneficial engagements.

If you are aware of additional non-profits that may be interested in working with SCNO in the future, please have them refer their inquiries to communitydevelopment@msuscno.org.

Capital Area Humane Society
Jeff Holycross (Team Lead), Carly Schneider, Ashlee Riemer, Geir Lefaive
Objectives: Long-term business plan and strategic marketing initiatives

Climb for Hope
Nate Schneemann (TL), Brandon Burns, Andrea Silva, Bo Yang, Ian Armbruster
Objectives: Corporate sponsorships, fundraising and recruitment efforts

Gateway Community Services
Greg Calhoun (TL), D’D’ Alston, Mandy Yu, Nick Freling, Rohun Jauhar
Objectives: Fundraising initiatives

Greater Lansing Housing Coalition
Jacinta Holton (TL), Erin Critchett, Brandon Laventure, Lauren Weingartz
Objectives: Website development and strategic marketing

Livingston County Catholic Social Services
Ryan McPhee (TL), Chaz Bauer, Michele Hillman, Cassie Cope, Chris Greenup
Objectives: Long-term marketing plan in alignment with web strategy

Livingston County Mentoring Services
Eric Smith (TL), Brian Peters, Amanda DeCook, Michael Warren, Alex Craft
Objectives: Website development

MSU Extension 4-H Youth Development
Katie Daly (TL), Sheila Cope, Aneesha Mandava, Sarada Weerasinghe, Corbin Buchholz
Objectives: Strategic marketing plan

North American Senior Circuit Softball
Mike Ahearn (TL), Courtney McRill, Sonal Wagh, Zach Katz, Jeff Smith, David Smith
Objectives: Database improvements and creation of supplemental IT products

Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment
John Scime (TL), Josh Morgan, Zack Bessega, David Smendzuik, Tyler Neal
Objectives: Website development and strategic marketing plan

The Gratitude Group
Spencer Tillman (TL), Dan Buckley, Janos Grantner, Michael Cortese, Andrew Stanecki, Dan Coyne
Objectives: Focusing marketing initiatives and website development

December 2007 Graduates

We congratulate the following members of SCNO for their graduation at the end of the Fall Semester:

  • Kim Beaudoin, Human Resources
  • Jordan Hauser, Mechanical Engineering
  • Greg Pekarsky, Finance
  • Brian Renner, Marketing
  • Jessica Roy, Human Resources
  • Ben Worden, Human Resources

It is always difficult to see members leave the organization, but we are thankful for their involvement and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Spring 2008 Membership

MajorsSince its inception at MSU in 2003, SCNO has strived to involve the best and brightest in the organization.  This semester our 62 members are enrolled in 15 degree programs, 68% from the college of business and the remaining 32% from 6 other colleges.

To ensure that each team has adequate levels of experience and prospects for development, we endeavor to maintain appropriate balance of each class level.  Seniors and Juniors each make up 40% of the membership, with Sophomores and Freshmen sustaining 10% and 13%, respectively.

Enhanced Relationship with University of Arizona

Near the end of the Fall Semester, the MSU chapter of SCNO had the opportunity to reaffirm and enhance its relationship with the founding chapter of SCNO at the University of Arizona.  Joel traveled to the UA campus in Tucson, Arizona and met with the Executive Board of their group, discussing ways to effectively increase collaboration between the chapters.

The reestablishment of a relationship between the University of Arizona and MSU offers each chapter the valuable ability to draw on the resources of the other, and collaborate on both nationwide and local initiatives.  In addition, as the organization expands to other campuses, the strengthened relationship between the current chapters will provide a stronger base from which new chapters to draw.  We are excited and optimistic about the opportunities that this relationship will bring to both groups.

Michigan State University